The Enterprise Solution For TV, Out Of Home & Online Video Advertising

Determining the real ROI of your TV, online video and offline campaigns is the basis for true performance driven optimization.
Using the analytical results, our robust planning tool proposes the optimal budget allocation for your next campaign to maximize your profit.
7Plans cooperates with the biggest inventory providers and offers you consolidated and direct access.

“Supported by 7Plans we were able to evaluate the overall ROI (direct and long-term) impacts of our media spendings on a fine-grained level and to further plan and optimise our TV advertising activity in five different countries.
7Plans proved not only to be a service provider, but a very valuable partner to Kreditech.”

Celine Lincoln

Vice President Offline Marketing


How it works

Connect your data
First class analytics requires first party data. Our experts will support you to define the necessary process.
Build your campaign
Our planning tool guides you through the whole planning process and lets you easily create new campaigns which are optimized based on our analytical results – offering you the possibility to maximize your profit while leaving you the freedom of choice.
Manage and Optimize
7Plans’ strong analytics module enables you to deeply understand your brand advertising and to optimize each campaign.